Our CEGC Adventure


We had an amazing time visiting Vienna for the Central European Games Conference. We've met so many really wonderful people, played some really good new games and really liked the overall atmosphere of Vienna. And we won another audience award! Although it's already 2 weeks ago, we're still full of happy feelings.

After we had some well earned rest, here is a short story of our journey to Vienna and the fun we had at the CEGC.

Specials thanks to: Dutch Game Garden, especially to Eline Muijres, and Stimuleringsfonds and all the volunteers of the CEGC for making all of this possible! And of course a BIG thank you to everyone that came by our booth and said HI! and everyone that voted for us.


Some random facts about the Central European Games Conference:

  • 2nd CEGC organised in Vienna
  • 70+ speakers
  • 650+ attendees
  • 40+ indie Exhibitors
  • 6000+ hours by volunteers
  • all in an amazing location: the University of Vienna

Our Booth

We had the luxury of being in the best spot of the floor. Anyone that walked into the room would immediately see our banner and people playing the game. Thanks to our early signup we were the very first group they assigned to a booth slot, so that was really nice. As always on events we bring a router to set up a LAN game so we can ensure that the game will run smoothly. Somehow the Photon Server software didn't really work so we couldn't set up a server. Time to freak out! Our experience is that the internet connection in public buildings are really sub-par, but the WiFi connection at the university held up pretty decently so we could still showcase the game in all it's multiplayer glory.

Super Fun Games!

Although we had our own booth to look after, as we were with 5 people we played some really awesome games while we were there. Here is a short list of our favorites.

  • Bound - A really beautiful game with stunning visuals. Dance your way to greatness on the PS4. Well deserved 2nd place CEGC award winners.
  • BlockShips - Build a ship with blocks that you can pick up and kill your friends with. Sebastiaan was the winner of the tournament and made everyone walk away in tears. 3rd Place CEGC award winner.
  • Air Control Simulator 2 - A game where you not only need to guide the planes to their destination, but also need to stress about getting there on time. Great fun and really challenging.
  • Summoner's Tale - A 2D fighting game with loads of humor.
  • Spit Fire - Twin stick action that will have you pull your hairs out, yet you will come back for more.
  • FractalBox - Fun puzzle game where you have to match colors to solve it.
  • Crush your enemies - A strategy game filled with absurd humor.

Of course there were way too many cool games to play and sadly we didn't get to play them all.

A selfie story

All the cool kids are doing selfies these days, so I couldn't resist. Am I cool now?