Dev Update #07

About this blog: we would like to invite everyone to comment on what we post. So don't hold back and tell us what you think! Making games is a process where you constantly learn new things and where you have to adjust to them, evolving the game in something new. All things that we show here are very Work In Progress and should be regarded as such.

Race to the end of the Semester

As we are still students, we sometimes have to deal with school stuff. The end of the semester is incoming fast and as there is a showcase we will have to wrap things up to get a stable, working build. We hope we'll get a good grade ;)

We've extended the Combat sprint a bit to allow for more enhancements as things are taking a bit longer than we expected, but hey, that's gamedevelopment.


Monday I had the basic behavior down, and it's implemented into the game for the first three enemies. It's in testing right now as we'll just have to see if they work in every normal type of gameplay, online.

A new type of danger

One of the more fun things of creating behaviors is adding new interactive ways the enemies deal with you. An example is the newly added (bear) trap. An enemy capable of placing down a trap will try to place it between itself and you and then back off to try and lure you into it. Below, in our testing environment, is how that looks like.

And just for that behind-the-scenes feel, here's a shot of when it didn't work - almost worked - just for giggles!

Debug Screen

I've started and almost completed a new tool which allows us to test things much faster. The tool, simply called Debug Screen, consists out of three parts.

Clicking the backquote brings up the first part of it, a simple commandline. We can use this to write down simple commands to manipulate the game or spawn things. You can type 'spawn enemy archer' and it'll know what you want to do.

Pressing the backquote again, at the first screen, brings up the full control panel. Here we can use the search to find spawn-able objects from the entire database, ranging from pillars to enemies and even skill effects. Additionally, our audio guys can use this tool to spawn objects holding audio and test various things in 3D space.

Clicking on an item there would then return back to the world, where you can use the left mouse button to spawn the selected object where the red orb is (look closely).

The Debug Screen looks like shit, right now, including user interfacing. This will get an overhaul when it's technically done. Whether or not this tool will be made available to players remains to be seen - likely not.

Next week

Here's where things get a little exciting. Next week I'm going to implement the new Capbrah enemy and start on the forest boss! :) The rest of this week is used to finish up the Debug Screen, and test it too.


It's a trap!

I made the capitrap into a full fledged working powered trap object. As long as any of the power generators are active, the power receivers will do their action. When all power generators are deactivated, so will the power receivers. It actually works pretty good and is very flexible.

[ouch, gfycat, the host of our .gifs has some errors while uploading. Will upload the gif as soon as it's resolved. Here is a picture instead]

There are 2 modes: Loop and Ping-pong. The latter will reverse direction when it reaches the end of the track. As you can see there is no real limit on how many blades can be on one track.

Making the editor has proven more of a challenge as Unity has some really backward stuff going on. It's a bit too much to talk about all that stuff here, but it really hurt my working spirit. That's why I decided to leave it be for a sec and focus on making the Cabrah attacks. I can't wait to see that guy in action in the game. Should be soooo much fun!

Next Week

Finishing the trap editor and starting with the breakable props are the priority, right after the Cabrah attacks.


This week i'm going to talk about the animation editor I've been working on for a while along side the animations. I've added a couple of new features to the editor. First off a slider to manage time, so I can see everything in slow motion. A slider to act as a timeline for the animation so you can browse all the positions/poses of the animation. A new button to select environments so I can view the player in our first environment, but also color to act as a green screen for machinimas.

Now that I look back at it, I realized I made a WoW modelviewer-like application that allows me to test animations and to provide an easy way for anybody to look at the animations and attacks.

As final I've finished the rework of the player and new animations, the cabrah model is finished and so are the animations, so now it can be implemented and tested. So expect a challenge the next time you play.

Next Week

I will be working on our first boss: General Drub.


You only have one job

At this point I can finally focus on the creation of assets (there's not much to do for team debugboys). We came to conclusion that it's way easier for me (and the concept artists) to make small scenes instead of individual props. Also not EVERYTHING should be painted, sometimes photobashing/moodboards can save loads of time and communicate the idea just as sound.

Variation is key

I took some archery models for this example. As you can see below I start out with one model (to rule them all) and just copy&paste it, move some vertices around, do some voodoo magic and voilà! A "new" model. These small touches will make the levels so much more unique.

So go make some variants, do not stop at 1 model per prop.

Next week

I'm going to continue making them assets and make the boss' "throne"!


More trap ideas!

With the cabra spike wheel being made I started to make some more trap ideas for a trap in the near future. I tried to make some variation between the traps so there are allot of choices and ideas to work with.

The lore!

The game world does not have a backbone story to make the game feel more alive and rich in story. I felt like we really needed to have some more lore so that we have something to fall back on for the creative process.

See here the background story of the history of the world! With this little "Loreslab" as I call it, I have more of a direction to go to with the concept art. Resulting in:

Next week:

I will be making concept art for a birdman cemetery and environment!


Boss Design

After creating the looks for the boss, we still needed to visualise the complete boss-fight. The backgroundstory behind General Drub is, that he is a tyrannical leader, giving orders from his throne in his arena. He uses the arena for entertainment and helps himself with heaps of meat, beer and popcorn. Accompanied by his albino pet capibara, his faithful soulmate, which looks similar to an angora guinea pig. His throne resembles a large couch, which makes him even seem more lazy.

The fight itself will be explained in a short storyboard. We can use it for creating our art, props and our gameplay design and enemy behaviours. But for now I’ll share this ultimate concept with you, usable as wallpaper (1920x1080px)!

Prop Design

Finishing up the boss, we decided we needed some more environment scenes for the forest. These scenes are a combination of props, which do the storytelling per theme. Our bandits are hiding in the forest, but they too have trades, food, hobbies etc. The scenes will show our players exactly how they bide their time, next to hunting down forest-invaders. The first concept I created were some polished archery scenes. For the next setups I will try to make faster, less polished designs.

Next week

More attributes for the forest and a bossfight storyboard!

Thanks for taking the time to read this development update. Remember that you can sign up for the alpha if you want to play the game in this early stage of development. If you like the game, please tell your friends!