Dev Update #08

About this blog: we would like to invite everyone to comment on what we post. So don't hold back and tell us what you think! Making games is a process where you constantly learn new things and where you have to adjust to them, evolving the game in something new. All things that we show here are very Work In Progress and should be regarded as such.

Road to Vienna

It has been a long time since the last blog post. Partly due to the holidays, partly because we didn't really have that much to talk about. Now that we are only 2 weeks away from the CEGC in Vienna we are catching up fast and are polishing out all the bugs and adding some new things here and there.

If you want more information about the Central European Games Conference (CEGC), head over here:


Hello dear readers, January passed us by and even New Year. So a belated happy new year? I've had a break due to health reasons but I'm back in action starting this month.

As a result of my absence, it seems I've not been up to much! However, what I can say is that I've squashed a couple of (long standing) bugs as well. Maybe it's a fine idea to later include a changelog in these posts... As a visible addition to the game, however, I did add a quick confirmation window when leaving the tavern (Where you wait for other players). Until our tavern redesign, this will hopefully be reminding players that, yes indeed that door does quit the party.

Anyway, I think these posts of mine will be short for a little while as I don't work on new features. But it's okay, right? Work does continue. Still alive and kicking!

What's next?

Prepping for Vienna coming this month, for me it's all about squishing bugs. For the coming 2 weeks until the conference, it's nothing but. I'll talk more about some bugs that sometimes plague us in the next updates, just for shits and giggles.


Building a Build tool

You know what's way more work than it should be? Making builds! Every build needs a new version number to correctly connect to the server and the files and folders are named accordingly. When I make stable build I have to make them for 4 different platform: Win32, Win64, MacOSX32, MacOSX64. As I have to wait between each platform and name the files and folder manually it takes ages and is really error prone. That's why I treated myself with a build tool. Something that Unity should integrate into their own build thingy. Just a few clicks, make some coffee, come back in 20 minutes, all builds done. What a life this is!

Visual Character Generation

Every time you play the game, you play with a new character. As this was not really clear for anyone playing I made this more visual. As you get a new character it is properly introduced together with 3 background story lines.

How do I play this thing?

Last time we went to an event I mostly remember how much my throat hurt at the end of the day. Telling players how the controls worked over and over again becomes straining fast and there is an obvious way to fix that: an in-game tutorial. We designed a way more in depth one, but because it was way too much work to implement it, we came up with a toned down version.

Fixing bugs. Kill 'em with fire!

I fixed loads of bugs and some half implemented features. The biggest ones are the roll skill that was really half baked and a long standing bug that had a lot of additional broken stuff surrounding it: The ability to cast multiple skills at the same time. That last one had been on my to do list for some time, but I couldn't find the motivation to fix it as it was quite a big one. But when you reach a point where you can no longer ignore it, you have to fix it, so I did.

What's next?

More polishing things and doing some other stuff.


Flyers and more

It's been awhile but I have been mostly busy designing and making our flyers, business cards and our first roll-up banner: which got a sick paint over from Jacqueline. Here you can see the artwork I made for our new flyers.

Also we're working on our new trailer. I'm setting up scenes for us to record multiple features of our game and to manipulate the camera's angles.

What's next?

Next week is gonna be more trailer stuff to work on. Mostly polishing my scenes up, lighting, composition, tweaks, etcetera.


Title Screen Update

So I've decided to take on the title screen cause it's been made quite a while ago when we were still quite early in development. It just called for an update!

What's next?

We're going to make a trailer so some work has to be done for it.


Bird cemetery

It's been a while, being busy with taking a break and doing school stuff. But I do have some new concept art for you guys! First of all I had to design a new area, one we could combine with the forest. This is a special area.

World map

We finally decided to create a story for the world where Rogues with Benefits plays out. After hours of discussing and heartbreaking confrontations we did it! Here is the first draft for the map, the story is for you to decide.

What's next?

I will be helping out with preparing for the upcoming event.


General Drub Boss Fight

Before the end of last year we have been designing our first boss fight, General Drub. I drew a storyboard for the design of the fight. This will help us with issues we might run into during development.

The fight takes place in a large battle-arena, with stands filled with a crowd and a stage for the boss.The players start in the center of the arena, the boss will be seen chilling in his chair with his albino pet capybara Snowball.

The first phase will spawn waves of minions from the sides of the arena. The second phase will trigger the chariot-event, as seen in the storyboard. Capybaras will appear from under the stage, pulling out the construction of the chariot/throne. The boss will ride around until all capybaras are slain. In the third phase the boss will leave his chariot and combines his attacks by throwing his axe and slamming his fists to the ground, stunning players.

After the boss is defeated, epic loots will be received, massive amounts of gold, confetti, cages will spawn, delivering rogues to replace any dead ones. When players start the game again, the difficulty will be increased.

What's next?

I will explain the basic idea behind the hideout. What are the current plans for it? Will it be customisable? Will you be able to upgrade areas or NPCs?

Thanks for taking the time to read this development update. Remember that you can sign up for the alpha if you want to play the game in this early stage of development. If you like the game, please tell your friends!