Wow, Indigo was great! We played some awesome games, talked to a lot of people that gave us really good feedback and gained valuable new contacts throughout the industry. And... We won the audience award too! While really unexpected, that was needless to say pretty cool.

Monday - The day before

As you've probably have read in the past developer updates we were working really hard to cram as much new content into the Indigo build as we could manage in such a short time span. The downside of this was that we didn't have much time to test things. The new UI was only working last Friday and we managed to get the radial menu working on Monday evening. So that gave us a good 2 hours to really test the limits of the game and see if we had any game breaking bugs. A real tight time schedule. At most events the internet connection isn't good enough to play over the internet, so we always make a special LAN version. While testing the game this all of a sudden wasn't working at all. Only after a full hour of screaming in fear and pulling our hairs out we discovered that it wasn't a problem on the programming side, but that we had mistaken a network switch for a router. As the school was already closing down and the stores were closed, we didn't have the time to test it anymore. Going to an event without a working build is really stressful and scary. Off to a good start.

Games everywhere!

Indigo is a great event with a good mix of different types of games: bigger studios that already released a couple of games, indies working on their first title or student teams attending an event for the first time. As we were showcasing a game ourselves we didn't have much time to play other games, but we would really like to point out our favorites.

  • Cube Escape - a murder mystery escape room with great puzzles.
  • Convoy - A roguelike driving game. FTL meets Mad Max.
  • Munch Time 2 - a puzzle platform adventure game featuring a chameleon.
  • Engare - A beautiful artistic game about drawing lines and curves.
  • Kosmos Klikker - A game for dyslectic children filled with happy feels.
  • Should Shoot - a minimalistic game about shooting rockets. Great fun with 2 players.
  • Chalo Chalo - A game where you race your friends while finding the optimal path.
  • Deliver us the Moon - A exploration game on the moon with great atmosphere. And check out all the others that were really great as well but we sadly didn't have the time for to play here.

Showcasing our game was really tiring but so much fun. Not being able to speak the next day is totally worth it when you see your game being played by so many people. Please enjoy the little photo collection at the bottom of this page.

Feedback everywhere!

The best thing about showing your game to so many players is not that they like what you've done, but rather what they disliked. We really appreciate all the feedback that we've gotten and we are going to try our hardest to make the game as much fun as it can be. We would really like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that came to our booth and played the game. You have no idea how much that means to us, even if you said some horrible things about the controls. We won't cry, we'll fix that instead. And of course, thanks for all the compliments too!

Indigo audience award

Everyone attending Indigo could vote for their favorite game and the winner would win the Indigo audience award. We really didn't expect to win as we're only making this game for a couple of months and we just really liked the other games being showcased. To our surprise... we won. It still feels a bit surreal typing this. When you develop a game it's a roller coaster ride filled with happy moments and a lot of pain and suffering. As a developer you only see the things that don't work in your game and where it fails. This award shows us that all the players that voted for us really liked what did work and where it succeeds. Thank you for that!

Part of the award is the opportunity to go to CEGC in Vienna in February next year. We are really excited to showcase our game there and are really grateful that all the voters, Dutch Game Garden and Stimuleringsfonds made this possible.

Looking ahead

We are working hard to process all the feedback of the event and try to get as much as possible in the game when the public alpha arrives in the coming month. Please stay tuned as we announce the date in a week or 2. If you haven't signed up for the alpha you can do that here.

Silence before the storm

Setting up the game. No working build still...

It's alive! ALIVE!

Team picture. Smile!

Some players even played together on one seat. That would be a great DLC add-on.

Impression from the balcony

More players playing our game.

With a great view on the Utrecht city skyline playing games.

Almost all of the time we had people flocking around the players watching the game.

The award selfie.

This cake wasn't a lie. Celebration time!